Tuesday, February 14, 2012

In the Land of Heston Bluementhal

Chocolate Exploding Cake by Bombay Foodie

I just got back from a jaunt down to London's Oxford Circus and happy to report that everything's just as it should be. Flowers and heart shaped balloons everywhere, stores decked out in pink and red and almost all guys on the bus carrying elaborately wrapped gifts. Pretty much your typical Valentine's Day.

Selfridges (one of my favorite stores) had long queues in front of chocolate and macaron counters. It's gotten slightly warmer here so I treated myself to Pinkberry frozen yogurt instead.

And here's another treat. A chocolate exploding cake, courtesy none other than legendary Heston Bluementhal. Heston does a weekly show on BBC here. He picks an ingredient and shows simple yet quirky dishes on the theme.

The week he picked chocolate, he made this cake. It's very quick to put together and is way too simple on first glance. But nothing's simple in Heston's world.

The bottom layer is store bought shortbread cookies, baked again until they are golden brown. These are then bashed up and mixed with butter, caster sugar and a secret ingredient. Depending on where you grew up, you are looking for either pop rocks or space dust. Either way, this is the exploding bit in your cake.

The top layer is ganache infused with passion fruit. What may seem like a simple addition isn't. I tasted the ganache plain and then after I added passion fruit puree and the transformation was unbelievable.

You then freeze this cake and in Heston's world, spray chocolate all over it with a paint gun. I didn't but it was a decadent dessert all the same.

A word of warning - don't unleash this on unsuspecting guests with weak hearts. This really does explode!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Four Years of Bombay Foodie

Cookies by Bombay Foodie

February 3, 2008: I baked my first cookie. I also wrote my first blogpost.

I didn't know this blog will change so many things in my life.

I didn't know Mumbai food blogger community will grow to 40-odd people. And we'd have so much fun when we meet.

I had no idea I will make so many blogging friends in so many parts of the world.

I also didn't think I will stop buying flowers or wine or other gifts when I go visit a friend and will bake them cookies instead. And they'd all love them so much.

I couldn't imagine the way people's eyes light up when you talk about food, and the way everyone's interested no matter what they do or who they are.

But most of all, I didn't know I'd have so much fun on the way.

To everyone who stopped by Bombay Foodie to read my posts, or leave a comment: A HUGE THANK YOU!