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The Curries of Thailand

For someone who grew up in India, I am really a chicken when it comes to eating spicy food. Hence, for a long time, I would also avoid Thai curries. But then I went to Thailand twice this year and fell in love with the food. I also realised that the curries come in a whole spectrum of spice levels, from the mild massaman Curry to the fiery green one. No wonder then that the massaman curry is my favourite and the one I cook the most once I got back from Thailand with a bag full of ingredients. It's a strange one too, with flavour influences from India and Malaysia. Originally made with beef and potatoes, I make my vegetarian version here with a mix of onions, peppers and potatoes. Here's the recipe. Ingredients 1 medium onion, peeled and chopped into bite sized squares 1 yellow bell pepper, chopped into bite sized squares 1 medium potato, boiled, peeled and cut into squares 2 tbsp massaman curry paste (look for the vegetarian version) 1 tbsp peanut oil 200 ml coco