Friday, July 25, 2008

Loaded with Flavors

Most people I know don't like the food at Ruby Tuesday. I might have been one of them, but for this one menu entry that reads “Loaded Fries”. Just look at the sheer brilliance of the idea. First you take a plate full of French fries, a tempting thing by itself. Then you top these fries with cheese and bake them. Now plonk a spoon of sour cream somewhere in the middle of the plate. Finally, get these to the table along with a creamy ranch dressing.

I agree it’s gross. But give me loaded fries with a milk shake any time of the day, to make my day. Or wait, for Bharti just made my day with a Rockin' Girl Award.

Thanks to this Sindhi veggie foodie, now I rock!


Bharti said...

Sheer brilliance? Oh my goodness...sounds like sheer kilos!
hey, at least the award is fat free! ;-)

notyet100 said...

hve been to rubys tuesday ,...thnks for hsarin loaded with flavour gonna try whn i got there next

Rachel said...

loaded with has to be good alright!!!

Pragyan said...

congrats on the award :)

Aditi..............:) said...

Hey i am posting your lime mint cooler for taste n create.....check it out!! :)