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Grandma's remedies

I've been down and out last few days battling a rather nasty cold. Now I am usually not the one to reach out for the nearest home remedy when illness strikes, but Seera's my food of choice when a bout of cold hits. My mom claims this is a perfect remedy for cold and this might cure you as well, but I won't count on it. The real reason I clamor for Seera the moment a flu hits is that it's suberbly delicious and ultimate in comfort food.

To make seera, heat a tbsp of ghee (clarified butter) in a pan. Don't skimp now, you are going to need it all. Turn down the heat to its lowest point, add 2 tbsp besan (chickpea flour) and cook, stirring constantly, till it begins to change color. The exact point where besan is cooked is really hard to explain in words - and you would know this if you ever made besan laddoos - but around this time your kitchen will get all fragrant (I obviously missed this part owing to my cold!). Add a tsp of sugar and mix well. Continue stirring till the besan is lightly browned, then add a cup of milk. Be very careful at the point between adding sugar and mixing in milk, for a few seconds extra will burn your flour.

Simmer for 2-3 minutes till you get the consistency of thick cream. Slurp and wish your cold away. Or just make it on a winter night to chase away the blues.

As chicpea flour is the star ingredient in this grandma's remedy, I'm sending seera off to ms for this months JFI:Chickpeas. Bon apetit, and may this find you in the pink of health!


Curry Leaf said…
I wish I had cold right now,you are late by 1 week.Well there is always a next time, till then I will look and sigh
Sunshinemom said…
I saw this in some other blog too but as a cold dessert! Made it too and tasted good! Good entry - I did not know it chases cold away!
Sharmila said…
This is something so new to me! A sweet that is made with the minimum of stuff and tastes good too! :-)
bindiya said…
simran this is sooo good and really chases away the cold!
Soma said…
Never had this Simran.. Hope u are feeling better. But see the good part.. its a medicine & yet u can blog about it. Sounds really tasty tho!
Very nice. I was about to post a cold remedy too. In fact I just got over one yesterday. Will try this one the next time.Thank you Simran.
Vaishali said…
This is something totally new to me, and it does sound like it would be very delicious and comforting during a cold. Hope you feel better soon, Simran.
Bharti said…
Get better soon.. and of course you will with such delicious concoctions! Sounds so interesting.
Simran said…
Thanks everyone! I am feeling much better now.
Alka said…
My MIL makes Besan Roti(thick ones) when somebody in family is suffering from cold and she insists it on eating it HOT to chase away cold...i guess its something with besan that works..Well this seera is definitely a different one and ppl with sweet tooth will surely prefer this way to treat themselves
Anonymous said…
right what I need now...
Dibs said…
Interesting! Never knew besan did anything for a cold! Its a yummy drink, cold or no cold! Get well soon!
ms said…
Hi Simran,
thank you for your very home remedy entry to JFI Chickpeas. Sounds like perfect comfort food,
notyet100 said…
perfect thnks for sharin this ,..totally ne wfor me...:-)

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