Friday, December 19, 2008


Salted Yogurt
Toasted Sesame Seeds
Garlic infused Olive Oil


Sunshinemom said...

Hey, what's that? Is the hummus coming up next? Pretty presentation, though!

Bharti said...

Me loves it!!!!Very cool.

Simran said...

Thanks Bharti! It was pretty cool to eat too.

And I already told sunshinemom but for everyone else - if you grind everything on this plate you get hummus (don't grind sumac, that's the garnish). Just a whacky, weird idea of mine

Alka said...

Lolz....funny idea !
And hey the cookies were great,and i have to literally hide few of them from my kid,so that i should be able to click those lovely cookies
Thanks for a wonderful evening,i enjoyed it thoroughly :-)