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Announcing AWED : Britain

Before I ate my first Italian wood fired pizza, before I went to that swanky Japanese sushi bar for the first time, or the neighborhood Chinese joint, the first non-Indian cuisine I encountered was British. Not real food, mind you, but the tempting, oh so delicious descriptions in my favorite novels. From Enid Blyton to Jane Austen to P.G. Wodehouse, every favorite character in every favorite novel seems to have food on their mind.

Yes, British food gets ridiculed a lot. But forget their main course dishes for now, and think of the full English breakfast and the elegant afternoon teas. Then try imagining the world without cucumber sandwiches or potato chips and you will realize you can't do without British food.

Which is why when I saw that DK was looking for hosts for her monthly event AWED (A Worldly Epicurean's Delight) and there has never been a British AWED, I promptly signed up.

The rules are simple really:

  • Make any vegetarian or vegan British dish (eggs are allowed in AWED) and post it on your blog between today and August 6. You can use the logo if you wish.
  • The entry should be linked to this post and also to DK's event announcement post.
  • Multiple entries are welcome. Entries sent to other events are also allowed.
  • Send your 'name','recipe','recipe url' and a picture to ''
  • If you don't blog but have a British recipe, send it to me and I will include it in the roundup.
If you are looking for inspiration, check out Helen's Top 100 British Foods. They aren't all vegetarian but they can get you started. Or go back and read your classics. Either way, get those British recipes out and start getting AWED.


Curry Leaf said…
All the best dearie,I checked the top 100 list and found several new British items.Expect my entry to AWED.
aquadaze said…
just check what I posted yesterday...will link it to your event right away!
Sounds like a great event!! Waiting to see what you come up with :)
Priya said…
Happy hosting Simran! will send my entries soon!
Lebouffe said…
Have posted Shepard's Pie.. Hope you like it. Tastes good.
Rush said…
good one..maybe will participate this time!!
DK said…
Would like to care for some pastries with your cup of tea?? (said with british accent ;)...

All for it :)
Praveen R. said…
vegan? no bangers and mash - shepards pie? I'm quite keen to join however - let me see what I can cook up
sheba said…
Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for the words of encouragement. It really means a lot. and YES i would love to take part in the AWED...
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